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Waterlase Soft Tissue Laser


At Cardinal Family Dental, we’re thrilled to offer the latest in dental technology. The WaterLase Soft Tissue Laser offers a virtually painless experience as an alternative to the traditional dental drill. This is a great option for patients who dread visiting the dentist because of the sound of the drill, or hate the idea of having localized anesthesia.

WaterLase works by combining air, laser, and water energy—which works well with teeth because they are partially made up of water. The laser continuously sprays a stream of water, which helps the tooth stay cold, preventing heat and thus causing less pain.

In addition to being a more pleasant experience, WaterLase is precise, safe, and more convenient than traditional methods. It makes appointments shorter, opening up a little more time in your hectic schedules. With its disposable tips, WaterLase also reduces the risk of cross-contamination by being used only once per patient.

Do you want a faster, pain-free dental experience? Contact Cardinal Family Dental today to see what the WaterLase is all about!


I would definitely recommend it. It was much easier than I thought it would be.

S. Pruitt

After having this procedure done with a Waterlase MD, I would never want to have another procedure done with your conventional drills, and knives, and sutures, and everything – there’s no need for it.

M. Roybal

Before, they would get me numb, they’d leave the room, and I’d be sitting there, waiting for myself to get numb, and then they’d come back. This, they started right up.

T. Flagler

You can just have your treatment done, no anticipation. So I do think it’s going to change how people feel about coming to the dentist.

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