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5 Reasons Dental Sealants May Be Right For You
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5 Reasons Dental Sealants May Be Right For You

dental sealantsDental health is very important. Protecting the brightness and strength of your smile is a big part of the overall health picture for you and your family. For many, cavities are a reality resulting in big dental bills, long hours at the dentist’s office, and frustration from kids who don’t want to go see a professional.

Even if you follow your dentist’s instructions and brush twice a day, floss and go for bi-annual checkups, your teeth could use a little extra help. Dental sealants can help cover the gaps in your oral care by helping prevent cavities. Dental sealants are plastic coatings painted on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, or molars.

Why Do I Need Dental Sealants?

While there are many reasons for why bacteria builds up in your mouth, bacteria is always the cause of cavities. Whether it’s too many sugary drinks or poor brushing habits, the buildup of this harmful bacteria will cause damage to your teeth.

Dental sealants act as a cover for pitted, grooved teeth to prevent them from getting cavities in the first place, or to stop the spread of an existing one. The liquid is applied to the appropriate teeth and left to harden, creating an airtight seal. This seal prevents bacteria from forming and causing more damage to your smile.

5 Reasons Dental Sealants could be Right for You or Your Kids:

  1. Your kids have new, permanent molars which can be protected long term with sealants
  2. Your molars have grooves or pits that collect hard-to-clean bacteria
  3. Teenagers or young adults who are prone to cavities will see a reduction with the application of sealants
  4. Dental sealants prevent cavities and bigger issues, saving you money in the long run
  5. They are less painful and easier to apply than fillings, showing that early prevention is better and easier than fixing an issue later

Who Should Get Dental Sealants, and When?

Contrary to many dental procedures, sealants are geared towards younger patients like children, teenagers, and young adults. As soon as permanent molars come in, kids should get sealants applied in order to prevent cavities as they get older. Teenagers and young adults who have experienced many cavities in a short time are also good candidates for dental sealants to prevent further damage.

For adults, your dentist is the best person to determine where you need sealants. If you are prone to cavities, or have teeth with a lot of grooves or ridges, your dentist may decide that a sealant is right for you. While there is no such thing as being too old for sealants, there are cavities and damage that can’t be fixed with dental sealants. These are the situations where regular fillings may complement dental sealants to help you get the smile you deserve and protect it in the future.

What is the Dental Sealant Procedure Like?

Sealants can be applied in one trip to your dentist. The liquid is applied to your teeth, then hardened—much like filling material. Conveniently, this doesn’t require a significant prep procedure or a lot of time.

Your dentist will regularly check the condition of your sealants when you have routine dental exams, and they tend to last for about 10 years. If you were to ever have a problem with a sealant, such as a chip or a worn tooth, the dentist can repair them quickly. This flexibility makes dental sealants a great tool for you and your dentist.

If you have young children whose permanent teeth are coming in, dental sealants are a great way to help keep their teeth strong for years to come. The quick and easy procedure is a must for dental health, and the confidence that a beautiful smile can give your kids. Call us today at Cardinal Family Dental to find out more about dental sealants.