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Is Snap-On Smile Right for Me?
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Is Snap-On Smile Right for Me?

snap-on smileDental work, much like the rest of medicine, has improved steadily with technology. There are many things possible today that weren’t possible years ago. In many cases, what once were long and involved procedures have become quicker and simpler over time. This improvement doesn’t mean that everything has become easy in dentistry, however. There are still many procedures and issues to solve that take multiple visits and are expensive for the patient.

When there is dental work that requires multiple visits or is prohibitively expensive for the patient, your dentist may recommend a temporary restorative instead of a permanent one. One of the best examples of this technology is Snap-On Smile. Snap-On Smile is a dental appliance that is a mix between crowns, braces and veneers. It is a dental arch that covers some area of your teeth, improving your smile immediately and dramatically.

Tell Me More About Snap-On Smile

Do you ever wonder how celebrities’ teeth are always so white and perfect? The secret is that many of them have veneers—caps that go in front of teeth which are buffed, white, and perfectly aligned. However, veneers can be expensive as they need to be applied to each tooth.

Snap-On Smile is a dental arch that acts like a row or strip of veneers covering your teeth. They are used to cover up a section of your mouth that may have a great need for restorative work, or when you’re the middle of a long procedure with multiple visits. They are applied to your teeth on a semi-permanent basis, allowing you to live your life normally, eating and chewing anything you want. When you’re done using them, your dentist can easily remove them.

Snap-On Smile is a great tool for those in the middle of a procedure or for those who are not able to get into significant restorative work at the time, whether you need to save money or just don’t have the time to begin a multiple dentist visit situation. Snap-On Smile appliances can even be used for years without impeding your day-to-day life in any way.

Will Snap-On Smile Appliance Hurt Me or Impede My Life?

The great thing about Snap-On Smile arches is the usability factor. With these arches, you can eat or drink freely, chew gum, or anything else you want. Once they are set by a dental professional, they are in place and let you do whatever you want.

The polished resin material also holds up over time, providing you with the beautiful, bright smile you’ve always wanted without the expense of veneers.

What’s the Difference Between Snap-On Smiles and Veneers?

These appliances are a great way to improve your smile quickly and dramatically. However, Snap-On Smiles are not a permanent restorative. They are a great way to improve your smile while planning for more permanent restoratives, like crowns or veneers. Snap-On Smiles are less expensive than veneers, and act as a great stop gap when you can’t get into permanent procedures right away.

If you want to brighten your smile and improve your confidence with a low-cost, low-maintenance procedure, talk to your dentist today about Snap-On Smile arches. If you’d like to discuss this and other procedures, please contact us at Cardinal Family Dental today for a consultation.