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Periodontal Treatment

Gum disease has been proven to affect other areas of your health as well – even contributing to stroke and heart disease. Typically starting out as gingivitis, gum disease is typically experienced by redness, swelling, or bleeding in the gums. Regular cleanings on the gum line serves to reduce plaque, bacteria and tartar that lead to gum disease if left unchecked. Improve your overall health, wellbeing – even your breath - with a regularly scheduled periodontal treatment from Cardinal Family Dental.

Pediatric Dentistry

At Cardinal Family Dental, we provide a fun and engaging atmosphere to ensure your child has an enjoyable and pleasant dental experience. Our team is comprised of parents with years of experience with children of our own!

We highly recommend bringing your child to see our dentist for the first time when they are two years old. After this first exam, we will recommend seeing them every six months to ensure their proper oral health. During their fist exam with us, our team will examine and clean their teeth, and educate them about brushing and eating healthy foods in a fun and relaxed manner. As they continue to grow, we may provide children with sealants and fluoride treatments to address their unique needs. Each kid-friendly dental appointment will end with a new toothbrush and toy!

Conscious Sedation Dentistry

If you feel anxious about visiting the dentist, you can rest easy at Cardinal Family Dental. We happily offer conscious sedation to help patients relax during their appointments. Conscious sedation may be used to help minimize movement in fidgety patients, control gag-reflexes, and calm nerves in order to increase cooperation during your exam or treatment procedure. Our goal in offering this service is to provide you with an anxiety-free experience that allows us to provide you with the care you need for great dental and overall health.

Emergency Services

If you experience a dental emergency, we will do everything in our power to fit you into our schedule on the day that you call. We also know that emergencies are painful and unpredictable, and our team will help you address your unique situation as we work to get you an appointment at the earliest possible time.

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