Digital X-Rays

Cardinal Family Dental is proud to equip our practice with the latest and most modern dental technology to ensure safe, gentle, and efficient treatment for our patients. Our doctor utilizes digital x-ray technology to fully understand the teeth, tissues, and bone found in your mouth. During an examination, digital x-rays help to identify impacted wisdom teeth, bone loss, and even cavities that cannot be identified with the naked eye.

Acquiring the images for a digital x-ray is simple, non-invasive and safe. It’s as easy as taking a picture! The images are immediately available on a computer monitor, where they can be manipulated in a varied of ways for viewing and diagnosis.

Intra-Oral Camera

Due to our commitment to extending remarkable dental care, Cardinal Family Dental utilizes an intraoral camera during routine examinations and routines. This handheld device captures images from hard to reach areas of the mouth, sending those images directly to a high-resolution monitor where patients can see what the doctor sees. This nifty tool provides us with invaluable information as we seek to help you make informed decisions about your dental care.

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